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Once thought to be the next big thing, Scala has had a tumultuous past. Back in 2011, the Scala team won a five year grant by the European Research Council. At that point, it surely seemed possible that this was the next dominant programming language. However, five years later, some companies were halting their use of the language all together. Today, from the data we collect, it appears that it is having a resurgence.

While it is abundantly clear that the cloud evolution continues at a rapid pace, it is imperative that one must prepare at the same rapid pace to take advantage of the situation. The cloud is well beyond early adoption phase, signified by even mom and pop shops utilizing the benefits of cloud infrastructure. Therefore, cloud derived skills are becoming a necessity for any engineer looking for a new position. Since that is the case, what should one do to make sure their skill set is relevant? The overriding answer, it is quite simple if you are willing to spend the necessary time.

The cloud gets spoken about ad nauseam. Any technological based web site is filled with articles on the cloud. The cloud essentially hangs over us like a cloud. With that being said, it has proven to be a very valuable instrument for corporations throughout the world. The efficiencies it brings to organizations are vast. One can speak to any run of the mill company, and it is more than likely to tell you that it is on AWS, Azure, etc. It has become so common, even for the least likely of candidates. Given its growth, it surely must have resulted in the decimation of certain tools that use to be the norm. Without a doubt, it has.

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