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Remember in the bygone era when which distribution to use was a hotly contested subject? Slackware, RedHat, Suse, Debian, TurboLinux, etc. Which one to choose? Apt-get or yum for updates? There were so many choices. Small organizations and individuals were dabbling with a multitude of these. And, luckily, there was never a wrong answer. Much like in other aspects of our lives, it came down to personal preference. Oh how times have changed. Linux made its way up the ladder into the enterprise, and now is prevalent in all sizes of organizations. During that transition, the number of distribution's has dwindled, while the “follow the herd” mentality has taken shape. The end result is four distribution's that really fall on the radar screen.

Red Hat is clearly in the pole position. To its credit, it established itself as a noteworthy entity prior to others on this list. It was the first to go public, and it has not looked back. Even with traditional behemoths like IBM and HP breathing down its neck. Red Hat was smart to form partnerships with these larger entities, which helped catapult them to the number one position. The culmination of these strategic moves has resulted in a reading of between 800 and 900 over the course of the last six quarters. That is twice the results of the distribution in the number two slot.

Where does The Linux Foundation believe ones time is well spent to catapult their career objectives? It is fairly apparent after reaching out to Clyde Seepersad, General Manager Training and Certification of The Linux Foundation, the cloud is the place to be. When communicating with him on a variety of topics that revolve around The Linux Foundation's certification offerings and education, the central point of focus is the cloud. Clyde provided us with a slew of information about The Linux Foundation's efforts to make sure FLOSS continues to succeed for the foreseeable future.

Wow has it been a whirlwind over the last ten years in the virtualization space. Where once Xen and then KVM sat on the pedestal, the baton has been passed to the projects revolved around containers. Names like Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos are most often mentioned. As is generally the case in the FLOSS arena, evolution is a constant. Therefore, if one is in the DevOps arena, it is time to familiarize yourself with containers if you have not already done so.

First of all, let's examine the virtual machine space. VMware, the elephant in the room, still commands a lot of attention. After all, it is a publicly traded company with billions in revenue. A lot of companies utilize VMware for its virtualization needs, and the numbers bear that out. Essentially, it is still the leader in the clubhouse. But, its lead is not what it once was. Over the 15 months examined, whether it is VMware, ESX/ESXi or vSphere, all have been on the decline. Each of those keywords within the listings has seen a 20-30% slide. And, more concerning is the fact that they have been falling at a fairly even pace.

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