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Is Perl losing its shine as it now needs to compete with many other alternative programming languages? Can Perl be considered a good career choice today? To find out, we have interviewed an experienced Perl developer and geekuni.com founder Andrew Solomon.

Q1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Sydney, Australia and my first experience of programming was writing code to generate Mandelbrot fractals on my mother's computer. In my mid-teens I was brain washed by popular science (mostly theoretical physics) but when I started at university my passion for physics was nipped in the bud after a term in the lab and the realization that most theory comes from observation of the world around us. As a result, I wound up doing a PhD in pure mathematics – which I relished since the only constraints were a few axioms which left great scope for creativity. After that I spent the best part of a decade taking academic jobs in Sydney, St Andrews and Vancouver pursuing every opportunity to experience other cultures, visiting colleagues in Austin, Paris, Beijing, Saint Petersburg and many interesting places in-between. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing research and teaching, with quite a lot of it in computer science and programming.

On a flight to Berlin in 2004 I met someone special who turned out to live in London. Since then I've gradually settled down in London and got a stable job as a software developer. That said, teaching is still my passion and I'm now doing that at my own online school - Geekuni.

SUSE’s global HR talks about employing Linux talent

LinuxCareer.com asked Marie Louise van Deutekom, the SUSE’s Global HR Director, to elaborate on the international recruitment process at SUSE. Marie Louise van Deutekom discussed with LinuxCareer.com topics relevant to SUSE’s search for Linux talent, interviewing process employed at SUSE and SUSE’s working environment. Marie Louise describes SUSE's business approach as follows:

As a company, we have a strong belief in Open Source as the model to develop good software. But it’s also important to effectively have a commercial model around it. We have an enterprise focus – we make a difference to the largest companies in this world. That matters to me.

The World Wide Web has become an extremely strong source of information. Job seekers search for jobs on online job boards, while recruiters search for potential employees by listing their Web profiles. Such head hunting is, in particular, common when looking for a Linux professional.

Numerous ways are available for an IT professional to establish their Web presence. One of them is writing about GNU/Linux or, in general, free or open source software. It is extremely beneficial for your IT career to publish on Linux related websites as a volunteer writer and, at the same time, enhance your Web presence. Jason Hibbets, a project manager at Red Hat and the lead administrator for opensource.com, in the interview for LinuxCareer.com underlines how opensource.com helps its authors in promotion of their articles, which, at the same time, promotes their name:

Before an article is published on the site, new volunteers work with our editors to finalize their article. After we collaborate on an article with our contributors, we optimize articles for search engine optimization (SEO) and then our team does a lot of work to promote the story after it's been published. (...) We try to do our part to make sure that the content we spend so much time creating with our volunteer writers gets promoted appropriately.

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