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Linux LPI 101 practice examThe best way to memorize all linux commands and techniques used in Linux administration to gain the Linux Professional Institute certificate ( LPIC ) is by practice. The following LPI sample exam should be taken as a middle way between reading a book and practice on a command line. It includes questions from all topics required by LPIC 101 ( the first step in your Linux certification progress ) exam. Currently the test consist of 20 questions randomly taken from pool of 29.

What is LPIC ?

The Linux Professional Institute is a provider of Linux Certification (LPIC). Each LPIC level requires a candidate to pass two exams. For example to gain a certification for Level 1 a of LPIC a candidate must pass both, 101 and 102 exams.

Each LPIC level requires successful completion of two exams for certification. A level 1 of LPIC is considered as Junior Level Administration. Candidate should demonstrate solid knowledge of Linux operating system in terms of Linux installation, troubleshooting as well as demonstrate the ability to work from a command line by use of various CLI tools.

Sample LPI exam structure:

The pass score for each subsequent LPI 101 sample test is 85%. There is no time limitation. You can test your Linux skills with this test as many times as you see fit.

This LPI sample exam consist of:

  • single choice questions
  • multiple choice questions
  • free text input


  • There is no time limitation, so do not rush when taking this LPI 101 test exam.
  • Pay extra attention to multiple choice question as they can be very tricky. The exact number of correct answers is deliberately not shown.
  • Know the difference between "$" and "#" on a command line.
  • Use a terminal if necessary, as this is the best way to learn.
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