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I noticed that clients began to use “Behavioral Interviews” for more complex screening of applicant’s personalities.

So, what is a Behavioral Interview?

The aim of “Behavioral Interviews” is to reflect upon past behavior to achieve an insight into future potential. In this interview scenario, candidates are asked to describe particular experiences, situations, reactions and their reasoning behind their actions.

For example, instead of asking what would you do in a particular situation, the potential employer is likely to ask what did you do/how did you behave in a particular situation.  In this way, the interviewer is trying to gauge how you may react in a real world situation, instead of what would you do in a hypothetical one.

To help my candidates to prepare for “Behavioral Interviews”, I decided to put together a few facts and questions that would allow them to prepare in slightly different ways.

If you feel that you could benefit from knowing a bit more about behavioral interviews, please join us next month when we will be looking at: How to prepare for behavior-based interviews.

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