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During the interview, trying to describe examples in story form may help you to portray yourself more effectively. Listen to each question, and provide an example that provides an appropriate description of how you demonstrated the desired behavior.

Using the STAR approach for a “Behavioral Interview”.

The STAR approach is:

S – Situation, background set the scene.

Present a challenge and situation in which you found yourself. In an informative way, describe the situation. Try to concentrate only on the facts relevant to your story. Set the scene.

T – Task or Target, specifics of what is required, when, where, who?

Describe what you had to achieve. Explain the tasks you were asked to perform. Identify the key objective. You can describe who else was involved, but make sure you are concentrating on describing yourself, not the rest of the team.

A – Action, what you did, skills used, behavior, characteristics.

Present what you did, how you did it and why you did it that way. This is your time to sell yourself. Make sure to mention particular skills you used to complete this task. Try to capitalize on whether it can be applied and used in the position you are interviewing for. Explain how you put your skills to use.

R – Result – Outcome, conclusion. What was the outcome of your actions?

Describe what was concluded? What was the result of you being involved in this task? Have you learned anything as a result? Were any follow-up steps required?

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