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Debian GNU/Linux now celebrates 20 years. This Linux distribution traveled a long way and no shortcuts were taken to produce this extremely stable and robust operating system. The proof of the previous statement is the amount of spin-offs produced based on Debian GNU/Linux, which is currently estimated to flow over 140 mark. This number also includes the well known Ubuntu Linux which is still closely connected to the enormous Debian package repository.

With the latest Debian Wheezy 7 version release Debian also gained an ability to compete with other Linux distributions as a desktop operating system of choice. To celebrate Debian's 20 years long journey Linuxcareer.com has prepared a special website as a tribute to Debian and entire GNU/Linux community. The goal of the linuxis.org website is to help promote Linux to a wider public. Website is clearly written and presented, explaining what is Linux and what are the main benefits of using it. Linuxis.org also includes step-by-step installation guide and free software alternatives list to proprietary software.

See the sideshow below to get a first impression of the new Linux is website or visit directly Linuxis.org

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