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Linux as a product of an open source community offers number of indisputable advantages in comparison to proprietary Microsoft or Unix solutions. One of the biggest advantages seen by companies considering to include Linux into their business is vendor independence and reduction of total cost of ownership. On the other hand, adoption of Linux by enterprise businesses is slowed down by lack of skilled work force, which was already pointed out by Linux Foundation in their 2013 Linux Jobs Report.

Apart of the large Microsoft Windows Server deployments, up until now the RISC/UNIX systems were seen as the only reliable platform to host mission critical applications. This is changing fast as companies see the uncanny resemblance between proprietary Unix and open source operating systems such as Redhat or Suse Linux. According to the Suse Linux report, RedHat Linux is currently the most-deployed platform by companies and this fact can also be confirmed by LinuxCareer's IT Skills Watch. According to the IT Skills Watch, the demand from advertisers of IT job opportunities for the knowledge of RedHat operating system is greatest when compared with other Linux operating systems. Moreover, it can also be concluded based on the LinuxCareer's research that such demand has been rather stable in the last three months.

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