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LinuxCareer provides FEATURED Linux job advertising for targeted exposure of your job ads to Linux professionals.

Presently, we offer only three slots for job advertising for a period of 30 days.  It is estimated that your job ad will be seen by over 200,000 unique visitors on LinuxCareer.com and other partner sites during this period. We display your job ad on the home page of LinuxCareer and other pages, which include:

Additionally, your job add will be displayed on LinuxCareer's Facebook and Twitter social network pages.

The price for the advertisement is calculated on the basis of estimated clicks over 30 days as well as job advertisement formating. The price per job ad for the period of 30 days is currently 250 USD.

The procedure for job ad posting requires a valid PayPal account and is as follows:

  • Click on the Post job now button below and fill in the form
  • A PayPal money request for 250 USD will be send to you
  • Pay for your job ad with PayPal
  • Your job ad will be displayed on LinuxCareer website withing 3 working days from your payment


Who are we?

LinuxCareer.com is not affiliated with any local or international company, nor is it a recruitment or employment agency. We specialise in Linux based careers and closely related Information Technology fields by providing careers advice and latest employment opportunities.


You can also get involved in the LinuxCareer project by participating on our FORUM or SUBMITTING A LINUX ARTICLE. We offer a range of privileges to our authors and good company.