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The IT Skills Watch, provided to you by LinuxCareer.com, ranks the demand for IT skills among the employers of Linux talent. This can be achieved by analyzing job advertisements focusing on requirements for Linux and Unix experts. The main objective of IT Skills Watch is to provide you with a better understanding of the Linux job market.

In this article, we present the findings of the January’s update of IT Skills Watch. Additionally, we study the whole data gathered in the last year to explain some fluctuations in the demand for some IT skills of interest. As a highlight of this article, we identify three IT skills, whose demand has clearly risen during the past year. This may give you an indication for the IT skills you need to gain knowledge of to stay ahead in the Linux job market.

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 Jan 2014 IT Skills Watch general findings

The biggest drop in the January 2014 IT Skills Watch rankings was identified for GIAC, while the greatest increase belongs to Novell. However, if we put it in perspective for the whole year, fluctuations of the GIAC and Novell scores are common and might stem from the fact that the corresponding scores for these two types of certifications are relatively low.

The leading positions in the TOP 40 IT Skills table belong to MySQL and VMware. MySQL registered the score of 3371 with a 5.31% increase in the last quarter. VMware has risen 5.56% and is currently in second place with the score of 3116. Similarly, the first two positions in the Top 20 Development Skills table have been stable during the past year and belong to Java and C/C++/C#. The demand for Java has dropped slightly by 0.71% in the last quarter. However, its score is still the best in the whole classification and equals 9445. Demand for C/C++/C# has risen considerably by 12.38% in the latest quarter and with a 6072 score, is classified in second place in the Top 20 Development Skills table.

Additionally, it seems that the last quarter has been less oriented on networking skills. Almost all network protocols dropped in popularity in this period. Nevertheless, this situation may be only temporary. For instance, a similar situation occurred in the October 2013 update of the IT Skills Watch regarding development skills. Development skills, however, recovered popularity in the recent quarter.

Three skills on the rise

As a highlight of this article, I would like to move your attention to the skills that are emerging or significantly rising in our IT Skills Watch rankings. The three IT skills that could be classified under this category are: MongoDB, OpenStack and DevOps.

The graph below depicts changes in the demand for these three skills in 2013. It is interesting to note that MongoDB has climbed nine positions in the Top 40 IT Skills table during the last year and recorded a rise of approximately 35% in the recent quarter.

This quarter, OpenStack has entered the list of Top 40 IT Skills in the highest demand. We have, however, tracked down its rank outside the top 40 skills and displayed it in our graph. The demand for OpenStack has been rising systematically in 2013 and recorded a large increase of 63.82% in the last quarter.

Finally, DevOps seems to be a steadily rising skill. Its 17.2%  increase in demand was its fourth in a row similar quarterly rise. Given the rising demand for MongoDB, OpenStack and DevOps, it might be reasonable to assume that the demand for these three skills will be even higher in 2014.


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