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So, You Want To Be A Kernel Developer?

Oct 28, 2015

It is a great position to aspire to become. Even more so, it is a noble feat once it is realized. But, how does one get from point A to Z? As with many things in life, there are a number of different ways to achieve that goal. I will address some rudimentary steps that should help point an interested person in the right direction. Just remember that it is a journey; one that differs based on the individual.

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Don't Pretend To Be Someone Else

July 28, 2015

Job descriptions can be very puzzling. Are they looking for strictly a developer, or do they want someone that can develop but also maintain their systems? Sometimes it can be very tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff. Corporations have their marketing and human resource teams come up with, what they deem to be, snazzy ways to attract top talent. Such terms as “rock star” and “guru” are a few that are frequently used.

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Pay Attention: You May Fall Behind If You Don't

Apr 28, 2015

The world of open source software is an ever-changing landscape. What appears to be the next big thing may fall by the wayside by some new development tool. The pace is fast and furious, and it does not look like it is going to slow down any time soon. In order to position yourself to be successful in the open source software arena, you must stay on top of the trends. If you reach a plateau and fail to constantly evolve your skill set, you are at risk of being left behind.

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Linux Certification Is It Worth The Effort?

Jan 27, 2015

We get asked about Linux certification frequently. Candidates generally want to know if it is worth their time and effort to pursue a certification. In my opinion, the answer changes on a case-by-case basis. Overall, the tendency of the answer is largely derived by experience. For individuals that are either early in their career or new to Linux, it is likely to be more beneficial to attain a recognized certification than to not have one.

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Open Source Company Involvement: Research It to the core

Oct 28, 2014

Do you desire a role where you can contribute code to an open source project as part of your daily responsibilities? During work hours and not in your spare time? It goes without saying that a lot of developers dream of such a scenario. These opportunities exist more and more each day. But, one must not assume they will be able to take part in such an activity based upon initial rhetoric. Instead, you must research a company to its core if you are presented with such a proposition.

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Perl as a career option

July 29, 2014

Is Perl losing its shine as it now needs to compete with many other alternative programming languages? Can Perl be considered a good career choice today? To find out, we have interviewed an experienced Perl developer and GeekUni founder Andrew Solomon.

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HotLinuxJobs: The demand has always outstripped the supply for Linux professionals

May 28, 2014

hot linux jobsBrent Marinaccio from HotLinuxJobs talks about Linux recruitment asked Brent Marinaccio, the HotLinuxJobs Director, to express his opinion on the Linux recruitment market and to provide some hints on how to land a Linux Job: How do you see the future development of Linux professionals recruitment sector?

Brent Marinaccio: Well, Linux is not going away. It just continues to grow. Thus, it bodes well for the individuals in this space. Throughout our time recruiting in the open source arena, the demand has always outstripped the supply for Linux professionals. Even in the two recessions we have been through. Therefore, I see no indication this is going to change in the near to mid term. All in all, it is a good time to be involved with open source software. What do you consider as the most important when on an lookout for a new Linux job candidate: IT qualification, work experience or certification?

Brent Marinaccio: The most important criteria that companies focus on is experience. You can not replace experience with education or certification. With that being said, the latter two can be very important as well. Especially for those individuals early on in their career. If you are an individual that lacks the necessary experience, you can improve your chances of landing your desired role by obtaining a specific certification or degree. It generally benefits people that are earlier in their career or making a career switch, as opposed to someone that has been in a certain field for a number of years and is looking to remain in that same line of work.

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Hadoop’s increasing popularity becomes reflected in the demand for Hadoop experts

Apr 28, 2014

April 2014 IT Skills Watch update.

We have been continuing to study the Linux job market’s skills in demand. With the latest update to the IT Skills Watch, we have gained some new insights into the IT skills that are currently required by employers of Linux talent.

In the last quarter, the most prominent change was noticed in the demand for Hadoop and database specialists. Another interesting observation is the further increase of the demand for Python programming language. Additionally, the recent IT Skills Watch indicates the continuously rising demand for DevOps Engineers.

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Recruiter's advice and tips: How to prepare for behavior-based interviews?

Mar 13, 2014

In our last article, Recruiter's advice and tips: What is a behavioral interview?, we spoke about behavioral based questions in interviews. As already mentioned, we will now look at how to prepare for this kind of interview.

Think of six to eight examples of situations from your past experiences that demonstrate your skills and abilities. Make sure that at least half of your examples are positive (meeting deadlines, expectations and accomplishing goals). Try to take examples from various areas of your life, the rest can be scenarios that started negatively, but ended positively due to your due diligence.

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Choosing a programming language: Python vs Perl

Feb 28, 2014

Software engineers are very often confronted with a critical career choice question: Which programming language is best to learn today for the upcoming future? The choice between programming languages is even harder to make if two contesting skills are similar in their nature, which is exactly the case of Python and Perl. Therefore, rather than talking about technical differences of Python and Perl, we will discuss the employer’s demand for these two programming languages in the context of IT skills required in the Linux job market.

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Recruiter's advice and tips: What is a behavioral interview?

Feb 10, 2014

I have been specializing in IT Recruitment for the past few years. It has been a very interesting and challenging journey, which allowed me to meet many professionals at various stages of their careers. In the past few years, I noticed that recruitment for IT professionals has changed. Our clients were no longer interested only in IT skills and the technical abilities of our candidates, but also their personalities and social skills (particularly for client facing positions).

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New Linux Job Board is now OUT

Jan 27, 2014

As scheduled, on the 14th of January 2014, we have launched a new niche job board, which allows recruiters of Linux talent to post their job offers to the targeted audience of Linux professionals. specializes in Linux based careers and covers the US job market.

Job advertisements posted on feature positions suitable for Linux professionals with free and open-source software skills.

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Jan 2014 IT Skills Watch report: three IT skills on the rise

Jan 22, 2014

The IT Skills Watch, provided to you by, ranks the demand for IT skills among the employers of Linux talent. This can be achieved by analyzing job advertisements focusing on requirements for Linux and Unix experts. The main objective of IT Skills Watch is to provide you with a better understanding of the Linux job market.

In this article, we present the findings of the January’s update of IT Skills Watch. Additionally, we study the whole data gathered in the last year to explain some fluctuations in the demand for some IT skills of interest. As a highlight of this article, we identify three IT skills, whose demand has clearly risen during the past year. This may give you an indication for the IT skills you need to gain knowledge of to stay ahead in the Linux job market.

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Increasing interest in Linux technologies continues to drive Unix to Linux migration

Dec 18, 2013

We have reopened the discussion about Unix to Linux migration with respect to careers of Unix and Linux professionals and its impact on organizations and the entire FOSS community. Kerry Kim, Director of Solutions Marketing for SUSE, has shared with us his insights regarding the continuing effort in migration from proprietary software. How do you think the migration of Unix to Linux will affect the career of Unix professionals? In your opinion, is there a large gap between Unix and Linux skills?

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Dec 09, 2013

In September, asked anyone interested in translation of for help. Since then we managed together with Tymoteusz Marczewski to translate into Polish. Many thanks go to Tymoteusz for his dedication to the project and timely translations of each of the pages of is a community project whose aim is to bring Linux to a wider non-technically oriented public. The website explains the step-by-step process of obtaining, installing and using Linux. stresses the advantages of Linux and aims to help potential users to bring Linux into their desktops. The translation of into a variety of languages further serves this purpose.

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Insights into top 3 IT skill groups in highest demand

Nov 28, 2013

Linux Skills group careerAccording to our IT skill sets research, IT skills required by employers of Linux talent can be classified into relatively independent groups. This article focuses on the top three groups of IT skills that were in the highest demand in the last quarter (Jul-Sep 2013) and refer to job advertisements in selected countries, including USA. It turns out that these three groups of IT skills can be linked with Linux related job categories.

It seems that in the last quarter Embedded Devices Developers related skills were in the highest demand by employers of Linux professionals. The second and third skill groups refer to Virtualization Engineering and LAMP Administrator job opportunities, respectively. This article discusses skill requirements for these three types of job listings and provides insights into the dependency structure of pairs of IT skills within the analyzed three groups of skills.

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Linux Career IT Skills Watch update Oct 2013

Nov 06, 2013

LinuxCareer's October IT Skills Watch update is out. The current statistics refer to the period between July and September 2013.The biggest drop was made by the Oracle certification, possibly by the increased demand for ITIL and GIAC certifications. The demand for GIAC certification has risen consecutively in the last two quarters by almost 70% and over 25%, respectively. The drop in demand for Oracle certification, however, followed the 70+% increase of the Oracle certification in the July IT Skills Watch. In the LinuxCareer's top 40 IT skills on demand SAP has recovered from last quarter's decrease in demand. Note also the steady increase in the demand for VMware knowledge. This quarter, the increase was very close to the recorded figures in the last quarter. Regarding network protocols, KERBEROS and SIP registered the highest increase, with 70% and over 40% increases, respectively. Finally, the demand for DevOps specialists has increased in contrast to the majority of development skills, which registered a drop in this quarter.

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Oct 15, 2013

linux job announced today a new job portal for Linux professionals effective on January 14th, 2014. Employers of Linux talent are urged to join now in order to receive pre-launch benefits. For limited time only employers can be rewarded with free 10 job postings a month for the first half of 2014. To express your interest go to and fill up the simple registration form.

Furthermore, will provide a free of cost service for free software projects licensed under the GNU General Public License. Such projects will be eligible for a permanent free volunteer job posting account. will support the Linux community and related projects by delivering a platform where they can recruit IT professionals to aid them with their project development.

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IT skill set on highest demand Linux job market analysis

Group of IT skills on highest demand identified

Oct 02, 2013 analyses the Linux job market in terms of demand for IT skills. This report aims to extend the study of  the IT Skills Watch by identifying which skills are grouped together in IT job advertisements. By employing cluster analysis identifies 10 relatively different groups of skills that can be linked to IT job categories. The winner set of IT skills is also identified, which suggests the most popular, in terms of demand, IT qualification.

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An inside look at SUSE’s recruitment process

SUSE’s global HR talks about employing Linux talent

Sep 20, 2013 asked Marie Louise van Deutekom, the SUSE’s Global HR Director, to elaborate on the international recruitment process at SUSE. Marie Louise van Deutekom discussed with topics relevant to SUSE’s search for Linux talent, interviewing process employed at SUSE and SUSE’s working environment. Marie Louise describes SUSE's business approach as follows:

As a company, we have a strong belief in Open Source as the model to develop good software. But it’s also important to effectively have a commercial model around it. We have an enterprise focus – we make a difference to the largest companies in this world. That matters to me.

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Sep 04, 2013

Few weeks ago have launched a project where the aim of this website is to help people curious about the Linux operating system to get acquainted with its purpose and functionality. This site was created for people without any technical skills and experience. provides basic knowledge about Linux and offers support by answering basic questions about installation and usage. also marks a 20 years long development effort of Debian GNU/Linux.

Since the initial launch we have received a very positive feedback from our readers and Linux community in general. We believe that a translation of this website into multiple languages will help us to promote GNU/Linux to even wider public.

Read More - a tribute to GNU/Linux comunity

Aug 22, 2013

Debian GNU/Linux now celebrates 20 years. This Linux distribution traveled a long way and no shortcuts were taken to produce this extremely stable and robust operating system. The proof of the previous statement is the amount of spin-offs produced based on Debian GNU/Linux, which is currently estimated to flow over 140 mark. This number also includes the well known Ubuntu Linux which is still closely connected to the enormous Debian package repository.

With the latest Debian Wheezy 7 version release Debian also gained an ability to compete with other Linux distributions as a desktop operating system of choice. To celebrate Debian's 20 years long journey has prepared a special website as a tribute to Debian and entire GNU/Linux community. The goal of the website is to help promote Linux to a wider public. Website is clearly written and presented, explaining what is Linux and what are the main benefits of using it. also includes step-by-step installation guide and free software alternatives list to proprietary software.

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