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July issue of the IT Skills watch update is out and is revealing some interesting facts regarding the demand for programming skills, certifications and operating systems.

Sprinkling your professional resume with Redhat skills seems to be a great idea

high demand for redhat skills RedHat solidifies its position as the Linux operating system for the corporate deployments. The demand for Rehat skills and certifications is steadily increasing with every IT Skills Watch update. The deal to take CentOS under Redhat’s roof made earlier this year seems to be making CentOS also more appealing.

Last month Red Hat, Inc. also announced an expansion of its already ongoing partnership with SAP AG the German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. For example, SAP HANA database was previously only supported on SUSE Linux. This deal was an excellent strategic step on Redhat’s part which will most likely further widen an already noticeable gap between these two open source rivals. Needless to say, having some sort of RedHat Certification today or in the future will definitely make anyone’s resume more attractive.

Development vs system administration

Are you a developer or system administrator? If you do not know the answer to this question yet, you are most likely on a good career path. The days that system administrators concentrated on system administration and developers concentrated on development are becoming forgotten. DevOps is the current trend of how things are done today. Demand for this methodology is expeditiously increasing. According to our Skills Watch update the demand for DevOps was increased by 43.46% in the past 3 months. Furthermore, another indication based on our Skills Watch update suggests that combination of system administration and Python programming skills is becoming a great combo to have on your CV. This notion had already been indicated by our previous Skills Watch updates and as a result the increasing demand for Python programming language is far from being stagnant.

Soaring Demand for Configuration Management ( CM ) skills

Increased virtualization is resulting in a growing demand for CM skills like Puppet or Chef. This trend is unlikely to stop in upcoming years. The demand for both skills Puppet and Chef had risen for about 30% in the last three months. If you do not know anything about puppet yet, is recommended to start with same basics today.

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