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How writing about Linux boosts your IT career

Interview with Jason Hibbets, Red Hat

Aug 20, 2013

The World Wide Web has become an extremely strong source of information. Job seekers search for jobs on online job boards, while recruiters search for potential employees by listing their Web profiles. Such head hunting is, in particular, common when looking for a Linux professional. Numerous ways are available for an IT professional to establish their Web presence. One of them is writing about GNU/Linux or, in general, free or open source software. It is extremely beneficial for your IT career to publish on Linux related websites as a volunteer writer and, at the same time, enhance your Web presence.

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Linux solidifies its marketability due to the increased Linux adoption by Enterprise businesses

Aug 14, 2013

Wast majority of IT companies are already engaging Linux in a process of application development, web hosting, supercomputing or some kind of general computing service. This rapid adoption of the Linux operating system for a non-business critical applications is a well known fact. However, recent study conducted by Suse Linux reveals that 83 percent of enterprise companies already have Linux deployed on their servers and more than half of the responders included in the survey which do not have currently Linux as a part of their business operations are prepared to incorporate Linux into their business model within upcoming 12 months.

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Linux Career IT Skills Watch update July 2013

Jul 17, 2013

As promised, here is the latest "IT Skills Watch" update . The current statistics refer to the period between May and June 2013. The biggest drop was made by the LPI certification, which seems to be losing ground in comparison to other major certification providers. The reason for this could be the generic nature of the LPI certification, which does not appear to be very appealing for many employers right now.

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Hurrah, the first official Linux Career Newsletter is coming out next week !

Jul 10, 2013

The first newsletter from the LinuxCareer is coming out next week! Whether you already have a job or are trying to get one, the truth is that being informed and keeping yourself up to date will you put into the advantageous position.
With this newsletter we aim to do just that! Our aggregated Linux related information will be helpful to all our subscribers considering a Linux career or career in closely relating IT fields. In our newsletter you will find various information in terms of new job openings, skills on demand, certifications and more. Even though you are new to Linux or you already consider yourself as a Linux professional, this will not change the fact that you will find here helpful information to help you progress in your career as we will also include Linux related news, training opportunities from our partner site and more.

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